Altacolor is a custom decorator of garments, general commerical printing, signage and promotional products. We are a women-owned, family-run company that has been in operation since 2009. Altacolor is centrally located in Leander, Texas about 15 minutes northwest of Austin. Our team consists of experts in the graphic arts, design, technology and business.

We are dedicated to delivering an excellent experience to our clients. That means we not only live on the leading edge of manufacturing technology with continuous improvement as a daily practice, but we also employ best practices to ensure our clients' needs and expectations are exceeded with each interaction. An order is a project for our clients and that project is usually very important to them and as such, each project is treated as important here.

It's true that with many larger companies, the attitude is "hang it and bang it", as the old printer's term goes, which means get the order in and out as fast as possible and hope that most of it "sticks". We don't operate that way. One key to success is maximum efficiency and that requires care, not only in the making of the product, but also in client communication.

Finally, we're comitted to reducing our activities' impact on the environment. We strive for energy efficiency and our energy provider sources electricity from multiple sources including wind, solar and hydro. We reuse corrugated materials as much as possible and recycle. Plastics-use internally is also minimized and we offer plastic alternatives for retail packaging. Any chemicals we use are environmentally safe or through treatment, have a minimal effect on the environment, if any, because we drink the water, too. In a world where water is an increasingly rare and valuable commodity, we all have the responsibility to be mindful of how it's used.

We hope that this brief introduction to our company provides a snapshot of the kind of people a client can expect to work with when choosing Altacolor for their next project.

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